Our countries share a vision for a prosperous and resilient Samoa with a skilled and healthy Samoan population.

We value Samoa’s reputation for good governance and as a leader in the region. We foster relationships between New Zealand and Samoan counterpart institutions, and with others, support Samoa’s policy reform agenda.

Education and health are long-term priorities for us. We will also support a stronger Samoan economy with direct investment in tourism, renewable energy, the private sector and agriculture.

New Zealand and Samoa work closely together to increase the security, development, and prosperity of the region.

Recent achievements

  • Rejuvenated the Apia waterfront to connect it to downtown Apia and provide a better tourism experience for visitors.
  • Installed three hydro-electric power plants to enhance Samoa’s commitment to renewable energy production.
  • Invested in the Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) to provide business planning and growth support to small businesses.

Current development priorities

  • Support Samoa as it builds a strong and inclusive economy.
  • Work with Samoa to increase its resilience to climate change.
  • Support strong Samoan institutions that deliver high quality services for all.

What we’re working on now

  • Policy reform – working with Samoa to achieve their policy reform agenda alongside Australia, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.
  • Health – implementing a new health activity to support Samoa’s Ministry of Health to deliver their Health Sector Plan and improve health outcomes for the population of Samoa.
  • Education – supporting Samoa’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport to deliver their Education Sector Plan and improve pathways from early childhood through to post-secondary education.
  • Tourism – increasing Samoa’s destination marketing capability and developing sites and attractions to enhance Samoa’s tourism offering.
  • Private Sector – supporting the Small Business Enterprise Centre to expand its services to medium-sized enterprises, and supporting reforms in the business enabling environment.