Thank you Madam Chair,

I have the honour to speak today on behalf of Canada, Australia and my own country, New Zealand.

CANZ believes the issue of funding is critical to the future of the United Nations. We thank Under Secretary-General Beagle for her presentation last week on the financial situation of the United Nations. 

Full, on time, payments of contributions by all Member States is critical for ensuring the stability of the United Nations, and ensuring this Organisation is resourced to achieve our collective goals.

Madam Chair,

CANZ continues to be concerned by the flow-on effects of unpaid assessed contributions: to the amount of almost 1 billion in the regular budget and 1.7 billion in the peacekeeping budget.

This creates inequity between those Member States that have paid their assessed contributions and those that have not. It also compels those who contribute armed and police forces, specialised equipment and other resources, to shoulder this financial burden while waiting for outstanding contributions to be paid.

This Organisation cannot function as intended when it faces severe cash flow problems.

We join the Under Secretary-General in urging all Member States with outstanding assessed contributions to pay as soon as is practical, and commend those that have already done so.

We understand that some countries national structures and financial calendars can make achieving this more complex. Where appropriate, we urge member states to use the United Nations mechanisms that are in place to aid in these repayments.

CANZ will remain committed to paying our assessed contributions on time, in full, and without conditions, in line with our treaty obligations.

Finally Madam Chair,

Through its support of the Secretary-General’s vision for UN reform, this Committee has made improving UN functioning a priority.

CANZ stresses the importance that reliable funding plays in this vision. We, the Member States, must provide the United Nations with the support it needs for a rapidly-changing global climate.

If all members commit to paying in full, on time and without conditions, we can continue to build the strongest United Nations possible.

Thank you.