The following is an update on the status of the Air New Zealand flight that has departed Wuhan, China for New Zealand.

When did the flight depart?

The plane departed at 0645 NZT, 5 February 2020. The plane took off within the departure window that Air NZ and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade were operating within.

Is the flight coming direct to New Zealand?

Yes, the flight is scheduled to land in Auckland around 6pm this evening.

What was the final number of passengers on the plane from Wuhan? What is the breakdown of nationalities?

A total of 190 assisted departure passengers boarded the plane in Wuhan. This included 98 New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, 23 Australian citizens and 69 foreign nationals, predominantly from Pacific Island countries including Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Kiribati, Tonga, Fiji and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Some passengers chose not to catch the flight and took themselves off the manifest earlier today.

About 60 did not arrive at the airport (without notice).

How many were denied entry to board the plane and why?

No registrants were unable to board due to documentation and check-in processes.

Consular staff will remain in contact with New Zealanders still in Hubei, to continue providing assistance.

Was anyone denied entry due to failing the health pre-screening checks?

There was one person who was stopped from boarding by Chinese authorities at the health pre-screening check.

What is happening with the passengers when the flight lands?

All passengers, apart from the Australian passengers, will be in isolation in Whangaparaoa.

Australian passengers on arrival into Auckland will be transferred directly to a flight to Australia.

What do New Zealanders in China do, if they still require assistance?

Our Embassy and Consulates in mainland China remain open and are continuing to provide consular services to New Zealanders in China.

Chinese airports outside the Hubei Province remain open. We encourage New Zealanders to directly contact airlines and travel companies who can provide information on the options. Travellers should also be mindful of the travel restrictions in place in some countries. These include bans on travellers transiting China.

New Zealanders in China are also urged to register on SafeTravel (external link) so they can receive information and advice as it comes to hand.