The Government has released the Ministry’s briefing to the incoming Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The briefing outlines the role and responsibilities of the Minister as well as the Ministry. It briefs  the Minister on major foreign policy issues, and sets out the Ministry’s strategy.

In considering the material to be proactively released, we have taken into account the Principle of Availability set out in section 5 of the Official Information Act 1982.

We have also considered the reasons for withholding set out in the Act.  As a result of those considerations, some information has been withheld in line with the provisions of the Act. Where material has been withheld it has been noted in the document.

Briefing to incoming minister [PDF, 3.4 MB]

Appendix 1: NZ Inc offshore network [PDF, 320 KB]

Appendix 2: Heads of mission and post and cross-accreditation [PDF, 813 KB]

Appendix 3: The Ministry's organisation chart [PDF, 360 KB]

Appendix 4: New Zealand Aid Programme key data [PDF, 241 KB]

Appendix 5: The Ministry's strategic framework [PDF, 330 KB]