As of today, Wednesday 16 November, the HSBC Tower is now open and MFAT is fully operational.

Although the central business district is open, Wellington City Council advises people to avoid areas that have been cordoned off.  Further details of city outages and closures can be found at (external link).

For anyone in New Zealand:

If you are visiting New Zealand, please continue to follow instructions of civil defence authorities in your region and the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM) website (external link).

If you are staying at an accommodation (e.g. hotels, backpackers), please follow the instructions of the management. 

Please contact your relatives back home to let them know you are safe.  

For those overseas:

If you have concerns about foreign citizens visiting or living in New Zealand, please try and contact them directly using their mobile phones (text messages work better in terms of coverage), email, SNS, and other known contact details (e.g. accommodation). 

If you cannot make contact with them directly and continue to hold concerns, please contact your Embassy or High Commission in New Zealand with full details, including when you last heard from the individual.  

For Foreign Missions resident in and accredited to New Zealand:

MFAT will be in direct contact with the affected Embassy or High Commission in New Zealand if we hear any updated information affecting foreigners from the Police.

Useful sources of information

Follow the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management on Twitter @NZCivilDefence (external link) and Facebook NZGetThru (external link) for the most recent information.

Local channels:

Canterbury Civil Defence Facebook (external link) page

Canterbury  Regional Emergency Management Office on Twitter (external link)

Christchurch Civil Defence Facebook (external link) page

Marlborough District Council Facebook (external link) page

Marlborough Emergency information (external link) on Twitter

Wellington Emergency Management Office (external link) on Twitter 

Wellington Emergency Management Office (external link) on Facebook 

For public transport updates and the state of the region’s roads, check the Metlink (external link) and NZTA (external link) websites

For information on Council facilities, outages and road closures, go to Wellington City Council's website (external link)