Image of skilled Korean worker
Credit: Waikato Institute of Education

Korean professionals are now able to apply for a new visa to allow them to work in 10 skilled occupations in New Zealand for up to three years. 

This was one of the outcomes under the Korea-New Zealand FTA which entered into force in December 2015.

The 10 occupations covered by the new visa are:

  • Korean language teacher;
  • Taekwondo instructor;
  • Tour guide;
  • Traditional medicine doctor;
  • Multimedia designer/film animator;
  • Biomedical engineer;
  • Forest scientist;
  • Food technologist;
  • Veterinarian; or
  • Software engineer.

The visa is limited up to 50 applicants in any one category and 200 places overall at any one time.

To obtain a visa, Korean applicants must have a job offer from a New Zealand employer for work in that area, have a relevant qualification or work experience, meet any New Zealand registration requirements, and pass Immigration NZ’s health and character tests.

You can find out more about the specific requirements for each of the occupations on Immigration NZ’s website (external link).