The New Zealand Embassy in Warsaw marked this year’s International Women’s Day with a special contribution to help women in need in Poland.

Joining in the admirable initiative started by the foundation ‘Dom Otwarty’ (Open Home) and the social media-based group ‘Yes for Refugees’, with the support of UNHCR in Warsaw, Ambassador Wendy Hinton and her team rallied Warsaw’s diplomatic community and other friends and contacts for donations of toiletries and personal items which will be distributed to women in refugee centres throughout Poland.

For more than a week, our Embassy became a collection point for items donated by the diplomatic community, local embassy staff, representatives of international organisations in Warsaw, civil society and businesspeople.

Donor enthusiasm meant that the scale of donations went far beyond what we expected, with the Embassy conference room taking on a whole new role. The contribution was greatly appreciated by Dom Otwarty, and the news has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Dom Otwarty’s nationwide action aimed to support the well-being and dignity of women in refugee centres in Poland. We were pleased to support such a worthwhile initiative, and very grateful to all those who supported this effort with their contributions and commitment.