• Peace, Rights and Security
Statement delivered by H.E. Mr Murray McCully, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 20 July 2015.

Today the Permanent Members, Germany and Iran have presented us with an agreement which, if fully implemented, provides a comprehensive and long term solution to the Iran nuclear issue.

The truly historic agreement reached in Vienna represents a triumph of diplomacy and cooperation, over confrontation and mistrust.

New Zealand commends all parties for staying the course through what were complex and challenging negotiations.

It is now crucial to ensure the agreement is fully and swiftly implemented, and that small mis-steps and misunderstandings are not allowed to derail the process.

We urge all parties to approach this task with the same constructive intent that has led to this agreement and we encourage Iran to act swiftly to implement all transparency measures and allow the IAEA access to the relevant sites.

By the adoption of this resolution we give international legal force to the agreement reached in Vienna, and extend the obligations it contains across the broader UN membership.

New Zealand endorses the comments of High Representative Mogherini that this is a good deal for everyone, for the parties who signed up to it and for the rest of the international community.

There are, sadly, too few days on which we can say that constructive and patient diplomacy has succeeded in bridging the differences and overcoming the mistrust that contain the seeds of conflict.

Today we mark an opportunity to change the nature of the relationship between Iran and the international community.

And we remind ourselves that with the right approach and the commitment of key stakeholders, even seemingly intractable issues can be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue.

For this Council, as we confront the extraordinarily difficult challenges in relation to the Middle East Peace Process, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, this is a message we should reflect upon today.


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