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Viet Nam gets rambutan import license

New Zealand officially announces rambutan import from Viet Nam and explores opportunities for development of Viet Nam’s agriculture sector.

Viet Nam

ANZAC Day in Mexico 2018

Details about the ANZAC Day service at the residence of the Australian Ambassador in Mexico


ANZAC Day 2018 in Moscow, Russia

The New Zealand Embassy in Moscow invites all New Zealanders and Australians to attend an ANZAC Day service in Moscow on Wednesday 25 April.

Russia Commemorations

ANZAC Day in Thailand 2018

Details about ANZAC Day ceremonies in Thailand on April 25, 2018.

Thailand Commemorations

Resolving trade barriers can help your business

If your business is facing barriers to trade, go to, and a government agency will get back to you within 2 working days and work out next steps within 6 weeks.


Further support for Fiji’s election

New Zealand Electoral Commission official Karyl Winter will be seconded to the Fijian Elections Office to assist Fiji’s preparations for its 2018 election.


Māori Electoral Option 2018

The Māori Electoral Option is an opportunity for anyone who is of New Zealand Māori descent and who is enrolled to vote to choose which electoral roll they want to be on – the General roll or the Māori roll.


Europe and UK trade issues

Latest update for New Zealand exporters on Europe and UK trade issues.

United Kingdom Trade

Have your say on the international climate change negotiations

The Paris Agreement on climate change was agreed in 2015. Countries that signed up to the Agreement are now negotiating the guidelines for how to put it into practice. We would like to hear your views on the outcomes New Zealand should prioritise in these negotiations.