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Climate Change and DRR Synthesis Report Final v6.4

This report synthesises the research findings. The full research findings are contained in three Working Papers. This synthesis is organised by the three research questions, enabling readers to navigate to the question(s) of most interest and to review the corresponding Working Paper for further detail


KWIS International Water Centre Review

Review was undertaken for UNICEF. Assessed whether the Activity had achieved what it had intended to do and provide an understanding of what worked well to inform scale up and replication of successful elements.


Ross Sea MPA Poster

Ross Sea Marine Protection poster. We're protecting the Ross Sea Region


Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Round 20

The Meeting recalled decisions from the 5th RCEP Ministerial Meeting in September 2017: in particular, to make utmost effort to achieve significant outcomes from the negotiations by the end of 2017 to bring the negotiation closer to its successful conclusion. While welcoming some progress in text negotiations at this Round, the Meeting observed that progress across all areas had remained uneven.


PACER Plus National Interest Analysis

The National Interest Analysis assesses the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus from the perspective of its impact on New Zealand and New Zealanders.