New Zealand's COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy

Find out about New Zealand's strategy to get access to a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19.

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We are working with a range of global coalitions and partners in the search for a vaccine, and advocating for it to be available to all countries once developed. Cooperation is crucial – as long as one country or community is at risk, we are all at risk. Positioning New Zealand to access a safe, effective vaccine also shores up our ability to support our Pacific neighbours’ timely and affordable access to it too.

Our COVID-19 vaccine strategy

Global connections and contributions will drive our vaccine research, manufacture, regulation and procurement. Our goal is to ensure we have flexibility and choice in the face of the likely global under-supply and competing vaccine options.

Watch the Prime Minister announcing some of our contributions to global efforts.

Video: New Zealand’s ACT Accelerator pledge(external link)

Video: New Zealand’s contribution to Gavi the Vaccine Alliance(external link)

Read a Government press release on New Zealand’s international contributions and partnerships(external link).

Challenges of getting a vaccine

There are many uncertainties to navigate in the search for a vaccine.

It is unclear whether there will ever be a suitable safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19, who will develop and own it, how much it will cost, and whether we will be able to obtain it. There are questions around how we might meet the requirements to manufacture, transport, store and distribute the various potential vaccine types.

Objectives of the vaccine strategy

The strategy must be flexible enough to handle all these uncertainties, as well as allow for changes in direction as international vaccine development progresses. It spreads the risk, keeps our options open, and weighs the benefit against the cost. It integrates and coordinates multiple approaches to make the best use of New Zealand’s own capacity and expertise, both within and outside of government.

The strategy, which is set out in this May 2020 Cabinet paper(external link), ensures New Zealand will have a role contributing to, shaping and influencing collective efforts.

Who’s involved in implementing the strategy

Key government agencies are coordinating to implement the strategy:


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