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Joint United Nations statement on gender-based violence under COVID-19

 |  Argentina, European Union, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Turkey  |  Statement, United Nations
New Zealand with six others led a joint statement signed by 146 UN member states calling for action to address the rise of gender based and domestic violence under COVID-19.

MFAT diplomatic reporting marks 25th anniversary of Rwanda Genocide

 |  Africa  |  Rwanda  |  Diplomatic relations, United Nations Security Council
As the international community reflects on the Genocide, five volumes of diplomatic reporting provide an insight into New Zealand’s work at the time to challenge the UN Security Council to respond to the mass atrocities.

NZ and France seek to end use of social media for acts of terrorism

 |  Peace, Rights and Security, Diplomatic relations, Counter terrorism
New Zealand and France announced today that the two nations will bring together countries and tech companies in an attempt to bring to an end the ability to use social media to organise and promote terrorism and violent extremism, in the wake of the March 15 terrorist attacks in Christchurch New Zealand.

Acknowledging support from around the world

 |  Commemorations, Counter terrorism
New Zealand would like to acknowledge the many messages of sympathy, support, and solidarity that we are receiving from our friends from all around the world.

Statement on Situation in Chechnya

 |  Netherlands, Russia  |  Human rights
Equal Rights Coalition members urgently call on Russian authorities to investigate reports of arbitrary detention, torture and killing of gay men by security services in Chechnya.