New Zealand intends to host APEC as a major sustainable event, meeting the requirements of the International Standard for event sustainability management systems ISO 20121:2012

International sustainability certification

Hosting APEC in 2021 using a sustainable major event framework offers a comprehensive way to meet several of our strategic objectives including policy, experience, business leverage and local support.

It also responds to public expectations that the government continues to demonstrate a leadership role to protect the environment while also caring for the intergenerational wellbeing of people and place.

Our partners and stakeholders have equally expressed a clear interest in hosting APEC in a way that also showcases New Zealand’s sustainability innovation and leadership.

By establishing an event sustainability management framework in accordance with the requirements of ISO 20121, we can be sure considerations for environmental, socio-economic and cultural issues and opportunities are embedded in the planning and delivery of APEC 2021 in New Zealand.

Growth and sustainability

An economy is not inclusive if women can’t get finance, indigenous communities are absent from economic discussions, small and medium enterprises can’t get into the supply chain or digital isn’t rural. Inclusive growth is about tackling these issues, boosting growth in the services sector, and removing barriers to digital trade. Digital platforms enable businesses to export without reaching scale, which is a critical factor for small and medium businesses.

Sustainability must be seen as a prerequisite for growth and we need to challenge ourselves and others to consider sustainability from three perspectives: economic, environmental and social. That’s why our intention is to host APEC 2021 certified to ISO 20121 – the Sustainable Events standard. Hosting APEC in this way allows us to create a credible legacy for future government-led major events in New Zealand.

infographic showing digital connectivity and sustainability
Photo courtesy of APEC Secretariat

Sustainability definition

The United Nations definition of sustainable development covers environmental, economic and social sustainability. It is broader than simply delivering ‘green’ events and/or focusing solely on the environment.