Māori have an opportunity to make a meaningful, authentic and impactful contribution to Aotearoa’s hosting of APEC.

In 2021, New Zealand can strengthen its reputation as an inclusive society and a leader in indigenous development. It can also generate new economic value and an enhanced contribution by Māori to the Asia-Pacific region.

Benefits for Māori

Our shift to chairing APEC virtually will also see a change in the opportunities and benefits of chairing for Māori. APEC New Zealand is currently working to update the original benefits below.

and operations
  • Integrating a Māori style of welcome and hosting
  • Creating supplier opportunities for Māori businesses
  • Creating workforce development opportunities
  • Hosting Māori events alongside APEC 2021
and legacy
  • Showcasing Māori businesses, products and services
  • Māori models of governance and partnership
  • Te reo Māori initiatives
  • Being active in APEC discussions
  • Having Māori economic leaders in key roles
  • Developing policy capability amongst Māori policy practitioners

Engaging with Māori

New Zealand’s APEC host year is underpinned by the whakatauki: “nāku te rourou, nāu te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi”  – with your contribution and my contribution, the people will thrive.

It highlights our desire to work collaboratively with Māori and all of government to deliver APEC.

2019 and 2020 have been pivotal years to actively engage with Māori and ensure meaningful relationships are built. Appointing a Principal Adviser Māori two years before the host year begins is a genuine commitment to engaging with Māori early and seeking meaningful outcomes.