We’ll be providing a summary of the outcome of each round as negotiations progress.

Round 1

The first round of negotiations between New Zealand and the EU was held in Brussels from 16-20 July, 2018.

Download the Round 1 summary report [PDF, 125 KB]

Watch lead negotiator Martin Harvey's video update on the first round

Round 2

New Zealand hosted the second round of negotiations in Wellington from 8-12 October, 2018.

Negotiators were able to make further progress, building on work done in round one. More text was agreed in most areas of negotiations, and detailed discussions should allow us to make headway in areas where our views are not so closely aligned.

Work will continue between rounds to propose and agree text. We will also exchange further information and data about our respective systems to support this process.

It is expected that the third round will take place in February 2019.

Download the Round 2 summary report [PDF, 112 KB]

Watch lead negotiator Martin Harvey's video update on the second round

Round 3

Negotiations between the EU and New Zealand continue with the third round held from 18-22 February in Brussels. We are making good progress in many areas of the negotiations and hope to be able to reach agreement on some chapters soon. Initial goods market access offers were exchanged in early February and negotiators have agreed to exchange offers on services, investment, and government procurement before the next round in May 2019.

Download the Round 3 summary report [PDF, 113 KB]

Watch lead negotiator Martin Harvey's video update on the third round


Round 4

New Zealand hosted the fourth round of negotiations in Wellington from 13-17 May, 2019.  Overall, good progress was made and one chapter was closed.  Market access offers for goods, government procurement, services and investment have now been exchanged.  We are starting to narrow the issues and focus on some of the more difficult areas, including agricultural market access.  Dates for further rounds in July and October have been proposed.

Download the Round 4 summary report [PDF, 109 KB].

Watch lead negotiator Martin Harvey's video update on the fourth round

 Round 5

Negotiators returned to Brussels for the fifth round of negotiations from 8 to 12 July.  This is a good achievement - five rounds since the launch in June 2018.  Good progress was made and a number of chapters are now close to being agreed. 

Download the Round 5 summary report [PDF, 107 KB]

Round 6

EU negotiators came to Wellington for the sixth round of negotiations from 9 to 13 December.  Negotiations will kick off again in March next year.

Download the Round 6 summary report [PDF, 102 KB]

Watch lead negotiator Martin Harvey's video update on the sixth round.


Round 7

New Zealand and EU negotiators held video conference meetings for the seventh round of negotiations from 30 March to 9 April, 2020.

Download the Round 7 summary report [PDF, 120 KB]