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Public engagement on trade

For details of public events (including upcoming dates and registration) and information about public consultation on all our negotiations, see our page on Public Engagement on Trade here.

Previous consultation on the EU-New Zealand FTA

To date, we've held two rounds of public submissions (one in 2016/2017 and one in 2018).  You can read the submissions we have received here.

We also called for submissions on the EU's proposed list of Geographical Indications (GIs) for protection under the agreement at the end of 2018.  This included a call for nominations of possible New Zealand GIs that could be protected in the EU and New Zealand through the FTA.  You can find the details of this submission process here.

Current consultation on the EU-New Zealand FTA

We are currently calling for submissions on the framework for protection of geographical indications (GIs) proposed by the EU. We are also holding a number of public consultation meetings to discuss the framework in more detail and receive feedback on the EU’s proposal. You can find the details of the submission process and meetings here (link to


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Anyone with an interest in the agreement is also welcome to submit feedback or questions at any time by email or post.

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