We want a free trade agreement with the European Union as soon as possible.

  • June 2018: Negotiations formally launched
  • July 2018: First round of negotiations, Brussels
  • October 2018: Second round of negotiations, Wellington
  • February 2019: Third round of negotiations, Brussels
  • May 2019: Fourth round of negotiations, Wellington
  • July 2019: Fifth round of negotiations, Brussels
  • December 2019: Sixth round of negotiations, Wellington
  • March-April 2020: Seventh round of negotiations (conducted virtually)
  • June 2020: Eighth round of negotiations (conducted virtually) 

A summary of the outcome of each round of negotiations can be found here.

With shared views in many areas of trade policy, it is hoped that we can reach conclusion on a high-quality and ambitious agreement quickly.

Once an agreement is reached, it will be released for public scrutiny, as will a National Interest Assessment.

The agreement will also undergo parliamentary treaty examination, be ratified by the Government and ultimately enter into force.