We are aiming for a modern, high-quality and comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union.

Summary objectives paper

This paper outlines New Zealand's overall objectives for the EU-NZ FTA, including brief information on each area we are negotiating.

Summary objectives [PDF, 201 KB]

Chapter papers

These papers provide more detailed information on New Zealand's and the EU's approach to the different areas in the negotiations.

Goods [PDF, 76 KB]

Rules of origin [PDF, 66 KB]

Customs [PDF, 160 KB]

Technical barriers to trade [PDF, 72 KB]

Trade remedies [PDF, 81 KB]

Sanitary and phytosanitary measures [PDF, 161 KB]

Services [PDF, 73 KB]

Investment [PDF, 176 KB]

E-commerce [PDF, 87 KB]

Intellectual property [PDF, 178 KB]

Government procurement [PDF, 81 KB]

Good regulatory practice / Regulatory cooperation [PDF, 80 KB]

Competition policy [PDF, 97 KB]

State-owned enterprises [PDF, 101 KB]

Subsidies [PDF, 69 KB]

Trade and sustainable development [PDF, 99 KB]

Legal and institutional issues [PDF, 180 KB]

Maori interests [PDF, 54 KB]

Other Trade for All issues [PDF, 98 KB]


The document below provides answers to some of the most common questions about the EU-NZ FTA.


Further questions?

If you have any other questions about the agreement or the negotiations please contact us at: