The 16 countries involved in RCEP include 10 members of ASEAN and six countries ASEAN has free trade agreements with.

RCEP countries:

  • have a total population of more than 3.6 billion, 47% of the world's population 
  • have a total gross domestic product (GDP) of around $US28 trillion, or nearly a third of global GDP 
  • account for about 27% of global trade 
  • collectively in the year to June 2019:
    • represented 58% of New Zealand’s total exports of goods and services
    • took 61% of New Zealand’s goods exports and 50% of New Zealand’s services exports – a combined value of over NZ$49 billion.

New Zealand offers what’s in demand in these countries – a trusted food supply, quality education services in English, a safe tourism destination, and expertise in agriculture, engineering, renewable energy and commercial services. New Zealanders rely on these economies for access to quality, competitively priced manufactured goods such as vehicles, electronics, clothing and affordable tourism.

Figures are accurate as at June 2019.