Documents relating to the negotiation of the CPTPP including Cabinet papers, statements, OIA releases and other documents are available.


New Zealand and Canada: Trade Partners [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Auckland [PDF, 402 KB]

Bay of Plenty [PDF, 394 KB]

Otago [PDF, 388 KB]

Waikato [PDF, 393 KB]

Hawkes Bay [PDF, 390 KB]

Manawatu-Whanganui [PDF, 397 KB]

Nelson-Tasman [PDF, 39 KB]

Northland [PDF, 398 KB]

Taranaki [PDF, 393 KB]

Wellington [PDF, 386 KB]

Canterbury [PDF, 385 KB]

Press releases

New Zealand sets out progressive and inclusive trade approach at CPTPP signing (external link) 9 March 2018

New Zealand signs side letters curbing investor-state dispute settlement (external link) 9 March 2018

CPTPP text and National Interest Analysis released for public scrutiny (external link) 21 February 2018

Success of CPTPP talks allows more time to consider law banning foreign home buyers (external link) 24 January 2018

Revised Trans-Pacific Partnership a better deal for New Zealand (external link) 11 November 2017

Joint statements

Joint declaration on Investor State Dispute Settlement [PDF, 115 KB] 8 March 2018

Joint declaration on Fostering Progressive and Inclusive Trade [PDF, 112 KB] 8 March 2018

Joint Ministerial statement [PDF, 57 KB]11 November 2017

Outline of CPTPP [PDF, 42 KB]11 Novebmer 2017

List of suspended provisions [PDF, 62 KB] 11 November 2017 

Government documents

The government has released the Cabinet negotiating mandate for CPTPP and the minute of the Cabinet decision.

In releasing this information, the government is seeking to balance introducing greater transparency around trade negotiations with a need to take into account the sensitive nature of the negotiations.

Some of the information within the Cabinet paper is being withheld in line with the principles of the Official Information Act.

Read the Cabinet negotiating mandate [PDF, 6 MB]

Reasons for withholding information under the Official Information Act 1982 (the OIA)

Section of the OIA  Reason for withholding
 6(a)  to avoid prejudicing the international relations of the New Zealand Government
 9(2)(g)(i)  to protect the free and frank expression of opinions by departments
 9(2)(h)  to maintain legal professional privilege
 9(2)(j)  to avoid prejudice to negotiations

Economic Modelling

Impacts of the CPTPP on the New Zealand economy [PDF, 1.2 MB]