New Zealand-China FTA resources

Read the Agreement text, feasibility studies, national interest analysis and more.

New Zealand-China free trade agreement text

Chapters and annexes

Preamble [PDF, 192 KB]

1. Initial provisions [PDF, 187 KB]

2. General definitions [PDF, 192 KB]

3. Trade in goods [PDF, 206 KB]

                       Download the China Tariff Schedule [PDF, 755 KB]

                       Download the New Zealand Tariff Schedule [PDF, 686 KB]

4. Rules of origin and operational procedures [PDF, 239 KB]

5. Customs procedures and cooperation [PDF, 211 KB]

6. Trade remedies [PDF, 211 KB]

7. Sanitary and phytosanitary measures [PDF, 237 KB]

8. Technical barriers to trade [PDF, 241 KB]

9. Trade in services [PDF, 247 KB]

10. Movement of natural persons [PDF, 216 KB]

11. Investment [PDF, 247 KB]

12. Intellectual property [PDF, 201 KB]

13. Transparency [PDF, 890 KB]

14. Cooperation [PDF, 197 KB]

15. Administrative and institutional provisions [PDF, 197 KB]

16. Dispute settlement [PDF, 227 KB]

17. Exceptions [PDF, 208 KB]

18. Final provisions [PDF, 192 KB]

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Mutual Recognition Agreement

Side letters and arrangements

Other documents


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