The NZ-China Free Trade Agreement, its Annexes, side letters and arrangements are available to download in PDF format.

Full text of the NZ-China Free Trade Agreement [PDF, 5.1 MB]


Annex 1: Tariff Schedules

Annex 2: Special Agricultural Safeguard Measures [PDF, 73 KB]

Annex 3: Mid-Term Review Mechanism [PDF, 79 KB]

Annex 4: China's Country-Specific Tariff Quotas for Wool and Wool Tops [PDF, 75 KB]

Annex 5: Product Specific Rules of Origin [PDF, 704 KB]

Annex 6: Certificate of Origin [PDF, 133 KB]

Annex 7: Declaration of Origin [PDF, 69 KB]

Annex 8: Schedules for Specific Commitments on Services [PDF, 403 KB]

Annex 9: Sectoral Coverage under Article 107 [PDF, 58 KB]

Annex 10: Commitments on Temporary Entry by Natural Persons [PDF, 83 KB]

Annex 11: Commitments on Temporary Employment Entry by Natural Persons [PDF, 98 KB]

Annex 12: Visa Facilitation [PDF, 54 KB]

Annex 13: Expropriation [PDF, 62 KB]

Annex 14: The Agreement of New Zealand and the Government of the People's Republic of China on Cooperation in the Field of Conformity Assessment in Relation to Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Components [PDF, 84 KB] (includes Implementing Arrangements)

Annex 15: Television Programmes Co-Production Agreement between the Government of New Zealand and the Government of The People's Republic of China [PDF, 153 KB]

Side letters and arrangements