Since the CEP was first negotiated, we have negotiated a number of other free trade agreements which also include Singapore.

Our agreements with Singapore

New Zealand and Singapore are party to a number of other free trade agreements. Read more about these agreements on our website:

Singapore and New Zealand are also involved in the ongoing Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiation.

Choosing which agreement to use

As a result of these agreements, New Zealand exporters to Singapore can choose which agreement to trade under.

Singapore and New Zealand have agreed that where our free trade agreements provide different treatment for an exporter, service supplier or investor of New Zealand or Singapore, you are entitled to claim the more favourable of the treatment accorded to you under that Agreement.

This creates the potential for firms to pick and choose between the provisions of the various agreements to ensure that they maximise the commercial opportunities on offer.

You may therefore need to decide which free trade agreement to use when doing business with Singapore. 

Tariff Finder

For goods exporters, the Tariff Finder (external link) will help you decide.  All tariffs into Singapore are now bound at zero under all of our free trade agreements with Singapore.  It is important for exporters to examine the free trade agreement's goods provisions as a package of rules before deciding which agreement to use.

The key elements of the package are:

  • the FTA preferential tariff itself compared to the MFN applied tariff
  • the Rules of Origin (ROO), especially those related to textiles, clothing and footwear products
  • the declaration of origin process (i.e. self declared or not)

It is important to note that Singapore applies many of its MFN tariffs (i.e. the non-FTA tariff rate that applies for all countries) at zero. This means that unless exporters are facing an applied MFN tariff that is above zero then trading under the MFN tariff is likely to make more sense for exporters.

How to get involved

We are keen to hear from New Zealanders with an interest in the implementation and operation of the CEP, including business, Māori, non-government organisations, and members of the public.

You can contact us on any matter in relation to the CEP by:

Phone: MFAT’s exporter helpline — 0800 824 605


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