Benefits to New Zealand

A free trade agreement with the European Union will bring benefits to New Zealand businesses and consumers.

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The European Union is one of the world’s biggest trading entities, and many New Zealand businesses have interests there.

The two key benefits of a free trade agreement with the European Union are:

  1. lower costs for consumers, making things like food and consumer goods cheaper for New Zealanders.
  2. a level playing field for businesses in New Zealand and the European Union by reducing tariffs, duties and other trade barriers.

More than buying and selling

We also want to achieve a progressive and inclusive free trade agreement that:

  • works for companies of all sizes, big and small
  • drives economic progress in a way that protects the environment and contributes to better living conditions
  • safeguards our ability to regulate and decide what is best for New Zealand and our people
  • Supports gender equality, indigenous rights and minimum work standards


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