Services non-tariff measures notification form

This form is for exporters of services to tell us about any problems you have with non-tariff measures. 

Non-tariff measures are rules and regulations that other countries place on goods and services that are imported into their country. In the services sector, examples of non-tariff measures include licencing requirements; limitations on the number of providers of a particular service; or a requirement to hire local staff.

Sometimes, these are legitimate measures to protect the health and safety of consumers. Sometimes they are not, and are simply designed to protect domestic businesses from international competition.

We work to reduce non-tariff measures so that you can get on with your business. We want to hear from you about what non-tariff measures exist in the global market place and how they are affecting your services exports. We then work out ways to reduce or mitigate the impact of those measures.

How we use the information

The information you tell us in the form will be used to:

  • identify gaps and opportunities in international regulatory systems and help us work out possible ways to address them; 
  • help us be more aware of key market challenges you face, and how we can help reduce non-tariff measures and other barriers to exporting services;
  • help us coordinate across government agencies to resolve complex non-tariff measures that are significantly impacting your export businesses. 

Please identify any commercial-in-confidence or sensitive information included in your feedback, so we can make sure it is not provided to individual or entities outside of the New Zealand Government, including as part of MFAT publications or online content.

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