NZ Inc China strategy

A strong relationship with China is very important to our prosperity. The NZ Inc Strategy aims to retain and build on the successful links we have developed in recent decades.

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The NZ Inc China Strategy maps the possibilities for the relationship on a 10-15 year horizon.

It sets the following five-year goals:

  1. Retain and build a strong and resilient political relationship between New Zealand and China.
  2. Double two-way trade in goods with China to $20 billion by 2015.
  3. Grow services trade with China, particularly education by 20% and tourism by 60% by 2015.
  4. Increase bilateral investment to levels that reflect the growing commercial relationship with China.
  5. Grow high quality science and technology collaborations with China to generate commercial opportunities.

The NZ Inc China Strategy plays an important role in the Government’s Business Growth Agenda, which aims to grow our exports from 30% to 40% of GDP by 2025.


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