New Zealand Trade Agenda 2030 – Securing our place in the world.

We have refreshed our trade policy strategy.

Getting the best deal from international trade is vital for the New Zealand economy and the prosperity of all New Zealanders. The jobs of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders depend on it.

We have achieved significant gains over the past 20 years through the existing strategy. Against the odds we have negotiated trade agreements that have secured much better access for our goods and services. This has helped to increase our exports of goods and services from $29 billion in 1995 to $70 billion in 2016.

However, things have changed during this period. The way we do business today and the global environment we operate in have moved on. That is why we have refreshed our trade strategy, so that we remain agile, and continue to get the best deal for New Zealanders from international trade.

New Zealand’s future is in being an open, outward-facing country and we should continue to work internationally to get the best trading conditions possible for our country in the context of constantly changing global dynamics.

Trade Agenda 2030 sets the direction of our trade policy for the next 10-15 years.

For an overview of our approach, read our two-page summary here [PDF, 140 KB].

The full strategy is also available for download here [PDF, 9.9 MB].