Russian adoptions

Role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

If you are in Russia making an application for the adopted child’s New Zealand citizenship the New Zealand Embassy is able to provide a consular service to:

  • provide notarial assistance, including certifying of documents
  • confirm that you have all the documents that are required to meet the legal requirements when applying for New Zealand citizenship for the adopted child
  • for a fee, issue a consular letter that confirms that the documents have been verified by the Embassy. The consular letter confirms that the adoption is legal and states that on being granted New Zealand citizenship the child would then be permitted to enter New Zealand. The consular letter can be used to support a visa application to another country, e.g. Australia if you choose not to wait in Russia for a decision by the Department of Internal Affairs on the citizenship application.

It should be noted that decisions about citizenship are made only by the Department of Internal Affairs. While the Embassy can issue a consular letter it does not mean that New Zealand citizenship will automatically be granted by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Consular officers can

  • provide you with a list of lawyers
  • provide you with the contact details for a Regional Board of Education.

Consular officers cannot

  • become involved or intervene in the adoption process where New Zealand citizens are in the process of adopting a child. For instance, the Embassy is not able to certify that you are of good character
  • provide advice on the adoption process either in New Zealand or overseas. The Embassy can only provide you with information on how to contact a Regional Board of Education
  • speed up the process if you are experiencing problems with the adoption
  • extend visas for New Zealand citizens wanting to stay in Russia longer than anticipated.

Additional information for New Zealand citizens

New Zealand citizens need to be aware that intercountry adoptions take time and money. If you are in Russia for the purpose of an intercountry adoption you should:

  • have access to enough money to cover emergencies
  • be aware that you are subject to the laws of the country you are in
  • note that Russia can be a difficult operating environment
  • be prepared for delays
  • be prepared that things might not go according to plan or how you would expect an adoption process to be managed
  • register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Ministry offers a registration service for New Zealanders visiting or residing in a foreign country. The details you provide when you register will help MFAT to contact you in an emergency (e.g. natural disaster, civil disturbance, family emergency). Register at: link)

Contact information

If you are seeking consular assistance from the New Zealand Embassy in Moscow you can contact Embassy consular staff at:

Phone: +7495 956 3579


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