Licença de motorista na Nova Zelândia 

Informaçao sobre as carteiras de motorista na Nova Zelandia podem ser obtidas diretamente no website da Agência de Transporte da Nova Zelândia:  New Zealand licences (external link)

Obter um certificado de antecedentes criminais 

A Polícia da Nova Zelândia não emite certificado de antecedentes criminais. Você pode obter esse documento diretamente no Ministério da Justiça copy of your criminal record (external link).

For New Zealanders: 


Passports and Emergency Travel Documents

Only the Department of Internal Affairs passport offices in London, Sydney or New Zealand can issue a passport. A new online passport renewal service is now available. Please check the following link (external link) for eligibility, timeframes and frequently asked questions. In an emergency, the New Zealand Embassy in Brazil may issue an Emergency Travel Document.  Please contact the Embassy for further information.

What is an Emergency Travel Document?

As its name indicates, an Emergency Travel Document is for emergencies. You will need to decide whether it is better for you to wait a little longer for a standard passport, or whether you need an Emergency Travel Document.
You need to be aware of the following:

  • an Emergency Travel Document will have a restricted validity dependent on travel circumstances. If you plan to travel through several countries, it may be better to obtain a replacement passport
  • you need to return your Emergency Travel Document when you apply for a replacement passport. This, as well as any visas in the document, will be destroyed. Therefore, if you need a long term visa (eg a residence visa), it may be better to obtain a replacement passport
  • multiple entry visas, residence permits and other “long-life” endorsements should not be entered into Emergency Travel Documents.

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

NZ docs

Obtaining certificates
Obtaining certificates

New Zealand Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates (external link) can be obtained directly from the  Births, Deaths and Marriages. The Department of Internal Affairs website has details of how to obtain the certificates.

 Contact Births, Deaths and Marriages (external link)

Document Authentication and Apostille Certification

Before certain New Zealand documents can be used overseas, Document Authentication or apostille certification may be necessary. It is usually required where overseas officials are not able to determine on sight the authenticity of New Zealand documents. To check the requirements, contact the relevant authorities in the country concerned or their overseas representatives. The process varies depending on the document type and country requirements and can only be done in Wellington by the Authentications Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs (external link) (DIA). An e-apostile is also available.