This page shows the application process for New Zealand Scholarships for international students. It also shows what to do when you are accepted as a scholar to study abroad in New Zealand.

In this section

1. Check eligible countries

List of countries that we offer New Zealand Scholarships to. We only accept applications from citizens of countries on the list.

2. Check eligibility criteria

All applicants must meet these eligibility criteria, including English language competency and student visa requirements.

3. Research study subjects

List of study subjects we strongly recommend for your country, based on your country’s social and economic needs.

5. How to apply for a scholarship

What to do before you apply; Tips for a successful application; The application process, the application forms and application dates

6. How we select scholars

Selection process and dates; Characteristics that we look for in scholars; Common reasons why applicants are unsuccessful

8. Scholars: get ready to start

What scholars get with a New Zealand Scholarship; Apply for visas and medical tests; Travel and accommodation; Bringing family with you; Study start dates

CURRENT STATUS: Online portal for applications for 2020 (for study commencing 2021) will open on 1 February 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Significant changes have been made to improve the New Zealand Scholarships application process with a new application portal and a new account registration process. For returning applicants, a RealMe account is no longer required, so if you have registered before, please note that your RealMe account will be converted when you follow the steps documented here.