If you are successful and become a scholarship recipient, we expect you to fulfil certain requirements during your study and after you graduate.

Share your knowledge at home

All scholarship recipients  return home for at least two years after  the scholarship ends. This enables you to apply your skills and knowledge so your country can benefit from what you’ve learned. This is how you get to make a difference at home.

Perform well academically

You must meet the academic requirements of your institution. This means you must regularly attend class and submit all compulsory assignments and sit all exams. You must make every effort to complete your chosen qualification on time. Academic and personal support is available on request. You could lose your scholarship if you don’t meet the academic requirements.

Read the full Scholarship Conditions below:

New Zealand Scholarship Conditions [PDF, 437 KB]

Start your scholarship on time

You need to be available to take up the scholarship for the year that it is offered to you.

Behave well

You are a representative of your country and the scholarship programme. We expect a high standard of behaviour from scholarship students. You could lose your scholarship if you don’t follow the scholarship code of student conduct. Read the code of conduct before applying for a scholarship.

New Zealand Scholarship Code of Conduct