The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade offers internships during the summer period in New Zealand from November to February.

Aorere Internships

During August each year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade seeks interest from people who would like to apply for our Aorere Internship work programme that takes place the following sumemr. The Aorere programme targets applicants of Māori descent. 

As an intern, you’ll learn what it takes to work at the Ministry and gather valuable insights into what may ultimately lead to a permanent job opportunity. The Ministry will provide a basic salary and an interesting role with the opportunity to network and develop your skills.

As we are Wellington based, you’ll need to relocate to the capital during your internship. There may be an opportunity to work in the Auckland office, but this will only be offered to candidates with certain challenges in temporarily relocating, for example, candidates with dependent children.

To be considered you’ll need:

  • at least one year of completed tertiary study for a degree in any discipline 
  • participation skills showcased through cultural, community, church,  sports or paid activities
  • New Zealand citizenship and to be of Māori descent

We accept applications from people of any age, as long as it's understood the roles given to interns over the summer will be at entry level, and are not intended for people with prior experience in policy work.

If you have family responsibilities, high needs, health issues, live rurally or are experiencing any other barriers that make you hesitant about considering this opportunity, please still apply. We’ll ensure you are assessed only on the skills and behaviours you can demonstrate, and will support your application as best we can.

What you can expect:

  • A paid internship of 11 weeks
  • A role within a business unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the opportunity to acquire a letter of reference
  • Support and guidance from our wider team including an induction into the Ministry
  • Reasonable travel costs to and from Wellington at the start and end of the internship
  • Housing guidance if required
  • Networking opportunities!

Applications will open again August 2020

Other internships

We have other opportunities for people to join areas of our Ministry as interns:

Internships at posts

At times, MFAT will offer internships for New Zealand students at an overseas post. The opportunities are advertised by the post in the respective country offering the opportunity.