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This page explains the terms of use for this website and our social media accounts.

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Terms of use for this website

Data and information accuracy

We take care that the information on this website is accurate and up to date, but we don’t guarantee it. We recommend you evaluate whether the information on this website is suitably accurate, current, complete, and relevant for your purposes and get professional advice relevant to your situation if you're using the information for important decisions.


The platform and tools we're using for this site have been chosen carefully. However, because the internet is generally not completely secure, we can't make any guarantees. You are responsible for making sure your computer system is secure.

You must not access or attempt to access our websites or online services through automated tools (including the use of scripts, web-crawlers, robots or screen-scrapers) or engage in any activity that will, or is likely to, interfere with or disrupt our websites or online services.


Please refer to our privacy policy.

External links

We take reasonable care when we link to other websites, but we have no control over what's on them or what happens when you access them. Links and references to websites, organisations, or people outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are meant to be useful, but they're not an endorsement. You're responsible for assessing whether information in these websites is suitable for your purposes and checking terms, and conditions and privacy policies.

Terms of use for our social media channels

How we use social media

We use our X, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to engage with people interested in New Zealand, and in our organisation. If you follow our channels you can expect to see facts, stories and information about New Zealand and New Zealanders, information on our services, activities and events and the programmes which we support, invitations to provide us with feedback and information about scholarships, graduate programmes and recruitment at the Ministry.

We try to reply to all questions posted, but we don’t debate about politics or provide confidential information. We may 'like’, retweet, and post information from outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade that we think is relevant. This doesn't mean we endorse the source, or guarantee the information is correct.

We monitor accounts from 8.30am–5pm on weekdays and sporadically outside these hours. We try to reply to questions within 24 business hours.

How you can engage with us

We encourage discussion and sharing. You can use our channels to ask questions, request information under the Official Information Act, and find out more about Ministry activities.


The Ministry reserves the right to:

  • determine what constitutes inappropriate content
  • edit or entirely remove inappropriate content
  • suspend all comments on specific topics
  • ban users from its social media communities.

We will remove content posted on our channels if it:

  • is not relevant
  • breaches legislation, copyright or intellectual property rights
  • is offensive or discriminatory
  • relates to commercial activity, including advertising
  • contains swear words or offensive, violent, threatening or
  • discriminatory language or content
  • posts personal information (including photos or video) of people without their consent
  • is considered ‘spam’ (the same or similar content posted multiple times)
  • is considered disruptive, or can be considering ‘trolling’
  • link-baits (embedding a link in your post to draw traffic to your own site)
  • contains misinformation
  • doesn't comply with a platform's rules, standards, or guidelines.

We reserve the right to remove any post or comment that does not comply with these Terms of Use, or the Terms and Conditions of Facebook, X or other social media platforms used by us.

If someone has breached these Terms but is otherwise seeking to engage in good faith, we may issue a warning and reference these terms. However, we reserve the right to block or ban anyone who posts those types of comments on a case-by-case basis.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade staff on social media

Our staff may engage in discussion on social media in a private capacity or as a representative of the Ministry. Any opinions expressed by staff acting in a private capacity belong to the individual staff member. They are asked to consider clarifying that their contribution is as a private individual, and to respect the need to maintain politically neutral State services. When staff are representing the Ministry they will say they are, and identify themselves along with their job title.

Principles for interaction with social media – Public Service Commission(external link).


The content promoted on our social media platforms is only ever intended for information purposes only. We will accept no liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body due to information provided on these sites or linked sites.

The information on our social media sites is provided on the basis that the person accessing the website undertakes responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.

Our Terms of Use and moderation policy may be updated at any time without notice.

Contact us about social media

Email DM-CMD@mfat.govt.nz if you have any questions or comments.


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