Forging strong international connections

Relationships are at the heart of our work at MFAT—we’re the diplomats, negotiators, analysts and advisors working to make New Zealanders safer and more prosperous.

In this section

Who we are

MFAT acts in the world to make New Zealanders safer and more prosperous.

Our strategic direction

MFAT is focused on delivering on the Government’s priorities. Our Strategic Intentions 2018-2022 set out our goals.

Our people

Meet the people leading our ministry. Together we report to the ministers of foreign affairs and for trade and export growth.

Work with us

We employ around 1,400 staff. Our people are our most valued resource. See our vacancies.

Contact us

Our head office is in Wellington, New Zealand and we have 60 posts in 53 countries around the world.

Chief Executive expenses

We publish six-monthly reports on the Chief Executive's business expenses, and gifts or hospitality received.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs logos can be used, with our agreement, by external partners on material that we are directly involved in, or are supporting (e.g. hosting or providing funding).

MFAT Annual Reports

Each year, we report on our progress against the Ministry’s Strategic Intentions and performance measures.

Holidays Act remediation

If you are a former MFAT employee that was employed by us at any point since July 2010, you may be due a remediation payment.

Consular Snapshots

Our Consular Snapshot reports summarise how we helped New Zealanders overseas each year.