Carl Worker

New Zealand Consul-General Hong Kong

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Carl Worker took up the role of Consul-General in Hong Kong in August 2017. He is also accredited to Macao.

A Mandarin speaker, Carl has been posted three times at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing including as Ambassador from 2009-15, and served a previous term as Consul-General in Hong Kong from 1994-98.

Before his current posting, Carl served as MFAT Principal Business Adviser (China) based in Auckland and concurrently as New Zealand Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism. During 2015, he undertook a six month assignment as Acting Head of Mission in Washington DC.

Also a Spanish speaker, Carl’s earlier roles included Ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay; Director of MFAT Americas Division; Director of MFAT Human Resources Division; Deputy Head of Mission in Suva; and Private Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Carl studied at Auckland and Oxford Universities. He is married to Connie Aldao and has four children.