Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

The legally verified texts of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) were released on 21 February 2018 in English, French and Spanish.

Current status of the Agreement

CPTPP negotiations concluded on 23 January 2018. Eleven economies signed the Agreement on 8 March in Santiago: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Viet Nam.

The CPTPP incorporates, by reference, the provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) with the exception of a small number of technical articles. The CPTPP also suspends the application of a number of provisions. These are set out in the Annex to the CPTPP [PDF, 185 KB]. Information about the CPTPP Agreement, including the TPP text and side instruments to the CPTPP, can be found on the CPTPP text and resources page. 

Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, and Viet Nam have all ratified the CPTPP triggering its entry into force from 30 December 2018. Peru deposited its ratification on 21 July 2021, and CPTPP entered into force for Peru on 19 September 2021. Malaysia deposited its ratification on 30 September 2022 and CPTPP entered into force for Malaysia on 29 November 2022. Brunei Darussalam and Chile have yet to notify the Depositary that they have completed their applicable domestic procedures to ratify the CPTPP.


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