The wayfinder

The wayfinder bird.

Tātou tātou – all of us together

Life is made up of many journeys, criss-crossing to map our shared whakapapa, each intersection creating lasting connections that span the globe.

Now more than ever, communities around the world are being tested by the storms of climate change. It impacts many aspects of our lives, bringing new challenges to us all, and to some, devastation.

This story is not a sad one though. Instead it is about hope and partnership. It is about how we get stronger when we join together, facing challenges as a team – to slow climate change, and to adapt to the change already happening.

Women testing water.

This is a story of working with our international partners to reduce greenhouse gases, and to address the struggles that vulnerable communities face every day – issues such as water shortages, extreme weather events and coastal erosion.

It is about teaming up to build what each community needs, while finding sustainable ways to reduce environmental impact: supporting the creation of clean power sources, safeguarding water and food supplies and livelihoods, and helping to provide good information for long-lasting solutions based on the natural environment and cultural strengths.

Waves crashing against the shoreline.

It is protecting the beauty that our planet holds as a taonga, in a shared commitment to address these challenges now, before the damage is irreversible for us all.

This is what climate finance is. Not just another number in a report. It is reaching out to the most vulnerable, backing them up and making us all stronger together.

You can learn more about climate finance, find out more about our partnerships, or where and how we provide support.


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