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Our relationship with Hong Kong

Hong Kong and New Zealand are like-minded in many ways, and we have a good relationship with the tiny but densely populated special administrative region (SAR) of China. We are both strong supporters of open markets and free multilateral trade, and we have a free trade agreement between our two economies.

An important trading partner for us in its own right, Hong Kong also acts as a gateway for our exports of goods and services into mainland China and is one of our largest sources of foreign direct investment.


2014 statistics

Total trade in goods 

$862 million


Exports to Hong Kong

$736 million 

Top exports: meat, milk powder, infant formula, live horses 

Imports from Hong Kong

$126 million

Top imports: mobile phones, spectacles, other machinery


US$290 billion

GDP per capita US$39,871 (NZ GDP per capita is US$43,837)
GDP growth  2.3%  

With similar populations and complementary economies, Hong Kong and New Zealand are ideal trading partners. We supply the food it can't produce and Hong Kong sells us manufactured goods. New Zealand exporters experience few barriers to get their products to market in Hong Kong.

Although we sell more goods to Hong Kong than we buy, trade in services is more balanced with New Zealand importing $310 million and exporting $296 million in services in 2014. Hong Kong tourists are big spenders and the number visiting New Zealand has grown steadily in the last four years.

There's also strong two-way investment. Hong Kong is among the top 10 sources of foreign investment in New Zealand as well as one of the top destinations for New Zealand overseas direct investments. 

Free trade agreements with Hong Kong

We have a free trade agreement with Hong Kong:


For many years New Zealanders have worked in Hong Kong in a variety of professions, and today there's a thriving expat community. Also a former British colony, Hong Kong and New Zealand share many common law traditions and a good number of New Zealand lawyers and judges practice in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong is a valuable source of international students for New Zealand, with 1,184 choosing to study here in 2014. There are also links between our universities and polytechnics, and an Education Cooperation Arrangement between our respective ministries of education. 

Tourism is strong in both directions. In 2014 more than 30,000 short term visitors from Hong Hong came to New Zealand, and the same number of New Zealanders visited Hong Kong. We have a popular and reciprocal working holiday arrangement with Hong Kong which up to 400 young people take advantage of each year.

Working Holiday Scheme

New Zealanders aged between 18 and 30 can apply for a 12-month working holiday visa for Hong Kong.

To apply, you can post your application form to the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Immigration Department. You can also apply by post to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Wellington.

For more information, go to the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Immigration Department website(external link).

Embassies and Consulates

Recent official visits

New Zealand to Hong Kong
  • November 2015: Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy and Minister for Māori Development and Te Ururoa Flavell visited
  • October 2015: Minister of Trade Tim Groser visited
  • September 2015: Associate Minister of Trade Todd McClay and Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Paul Goldsmith visited
  • June 2015: Minister of Police Michael Woodhouse visited
  • July 2014: Minister of Police Anne Tolley visited for meetings on policing and security
  • March 2014: Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully visited
  • March 2014: Prime Minister John Key visited to promote tourism
  • March 2014: Deputy Prime Minister Bill English visited to meet with business and investment leaders
Hong Kong to New Zealand
  • June 2014: Secretary for Security Tung-Kwok Lai visited to attend meetings to discuss law enforcement, immigration, customs, and emergency and disaster management
  • March 2014: Secretary for Education Eddie Ng to attend the International Summit on the Teaching Profession
  • August 2013: Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So for meetings on the bilateral trade and economic relationship
  • April 2012: Chief Executive Donald Tsang for meetings on the relationship and to promote the implementation of the Closer Economic Partnership


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