Passport & Notarial Services By Appointment Only

From 4 March 2019, passport and notarial services will be available by appointment only at:
New Zealand Embassy
M Thai Tower 14th Floor, All Seasons Place
Wireless Road, Bangkok
Phone +66 2254 2530
Operating hours: 08:30 - 11:30 and 13:00-14:30 hrs Monday to Friday

To make an appointment, please provide us with your full name, passport no., contact phone no. and brief reason for appointment to  For witnessing signature or making a declaration, you may also enclose relevant document. 

Due to increase security at M Thai Tower, you must bring your passport or a suitable government issued photographic identification to gain access to the Embassy.

Notarial Services

The New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok can provide some notarial services under New Zealand law when the documents are either New Zealand in origin or for use in – or requested by – New Zealand organisations. Our services include, but are not limited to, witnessing signatures, certifying true copies of original documents, and statutory declarations.

Notarial Service Fees (Effective from January 2019)

  • THB 500 for certifying a document as being a true copy of an original
  • THB 900 for providing a consular letter, taking a statutory declaration, affidavit, or witnessing signature
  • THB 1,300 for verifying an authentication signature on a NZ document (this requires the document to have already been authenticated by NZ authorities)

[Note: fees rendered for this service are payable by cash only. There is no credit or debit card facilities available.]

Passport Fees to increase from 1 March 2019

Fees for New Zealand passports and Emergency Travel Documents will increase from 1 March 2019. 
The Department of Internal Affairs reviews the fees every three years, and the increase from 1 March follows the first review of passport and travel document fees since the change of adult passport validity period from five to ten years in 2015.

The new fee structure will ensure New Zealand continues to deliver a quality passport that’s internationally recognised and trusted, and is a secure identity document for all New Zealanders.

For more information on the new fee structure contact the New Zealand Embassy on tel: +662 254 2530 or visit DIA’s website at (external link)

Assistance for New Zealanders overseas

If you’re a New Zealand citizen, staff at New Zealand embassies can help you in several ways if you get into difficulties overseas – see (external link)

Consular staff at Embassies can:

For more information please visit (external link) and (external link)