Smart solutions to global environmental challenges

The world faces complex threats to the natural environment. These challenges, particularly to the atmosphere and oceans, require the creation and implementation of sensible international rules and frameworks to both protect the environment and support economic growth. New Zealand brings to the table unique interests and perspectives on how to approach these challenges.

MFAT works with other agencies to represent New Zealand at global forums where these issues are debated.

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Climate change

MFAT leads our international negotiations as we work with the rest of the world to reach a more effective response to climate change.

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

New Zealand works alongside other countries to conserve and protect the environment and ecosystems of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. MFAT administers permits for Antarctic activities.

Oceans and fisheries

MFAT plays an active role in negotiations to improve the conservation and sustainable use of the world’s oceans and fisheries – an issue of key importance to New Zealand.

Biodiversity and species conservation

MFAT represents New Zealand in global talks on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, including the preservation of threatened species and habitats.

Fossil fuel subsidy reform

MFAT leads New Zealand's effort for eliminating energy subsidies that encourage the consumption of green house gas-producing fossil fuels.

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Have your say on the international climate change negotiations

The Paris Agreement on climate change was agreed in 2015. Countries that signed up to the Agreement are now negotiating the guidelines for how to put it into practice. We would like to hear your views on the outcomes New Zealand should prioritise in these negotiations.