Beeby Colloquium on International Law - 25th November 2020


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is excited to announce this year’s Beeby Colloquium on International Law will be held on Wednesday 25 November at Victoria University of Wellington.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is excited to announce this year’s Beeby Colloquium on International Law will be held on Wednesday 25 November at Victoria University of Wellington Pipitea Campus.

The Beeby Colloquium is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to bring together the New Zealand international legal community in New Zealand to exchange views on current topics of interest. The event is named in honour of Chris Beeby, a predecessor of mine and one of New Zealand’s most creative and influential “lawyer-diplomats”. The Beeby Colloquium is intended for lawyers with an interest in International Law whether working in Government, Universities or private practice. To facilitate an open and useful discussion, it is conducted under Chatham House rule.

This year’s Beeby theme is “International Law in Times of Crisis”

- Key note panel: International Law in Times of Crisis
- Looking outwards: The state of our international legal institutions (WTO dispute settlement, the ICC, the ICJ, UNSC and the ILC)
- Looking inwards: New Zealand’s international treaty making process

You can download the programme with full details here.

The lunch time session is jointly organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the New Zealand branch of the International Law Association and is open to interested members of the public. This year the speaker will be Dr Penelope Ridings, New Zealand’s candidate for the International Law Commission, speaking on “The New Zealand Perspective on International Law”. This is timely in a year that has seen the publication of the first general International Law text written from a New Zealand perspective “Public International Law: A New Zealand Perspective” (Alberto Costi ed).

You can download the flyer for the public session with more details here.

Should you be interested in receiving an invitation, please can you send us an email at with a brief overview of your link with International Law and interest in attending.

We are asking that all invitations are responded to by Friday the 20th of November.


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