Explanation of Aotearoa New Zealand’s vote regarding UN General Assembly resolution on ‘Israeli practices’

Ministry Statements & Speeches:

On Friday 11 November 2022, Aotearoa New Zealand abstained on the resolution ‘Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem’, which was considered by the Fourth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

New Zealand’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Justin Fepuleai delivered the following explanation of this vote:

New Zealand has had a long-held policy on Israeli-Palestinian issues, and shares the concerns expressed within the resolution concerning Palestinian human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem. New Zealand reaffirms its position that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are a violation of international law and imperil the two state solution.

New Zealand has decided, however, to abstain on the resolution. New Zealand regrets that the ICJ proposal has not been circulated to Members in sufficient time to allow for an appropriate level of consideration. New Zealand also wishes to clarify that it has concerns with the nature of the question as drafted. In particular, we do not agree with the legal characterisation described at 17 bis (a) as an annexation under international law. Despite these concerns, New Zealand is confident that the ICJ’s approach to the question will be consistent with international law.


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