Human Rights Council: Thirty-second special session

Ministry Statements & Speeches:

Statement delivered by New Zealand Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lucy Duncan.

Thank you Mr President.

New Zealand associates itself with the statement delivered by the Marshall Islands on behalf of the Group of Friends on accountability.

We continue to be alarmed at the reports of egregious human rights abuses inside Ukraine, and the worsening humanitarian crisis.

Russia’s blatant disregard for the impact of war on the lives of civilians, especially women and children, and persons with disabilities, is central to this crisis.

We reiterate our call for an immediate end to Russian hostilities against Ukraine.

The situation on the ground is worsening. Reports are  emerging of deliberate abuses of human rights in multiple towns and cities. New Zealand has recently announced that we will provide NZ$1 million to the OHCHR to support ongoing monitoring and accountability.

We are also concerned by, and actively monitoring, the negative impacts on human security and human rights beyond Ukraine, due to food shortages and other flow-on effects of Russia’s aggression.

We have concerns for the protection of the human rights of those people who have been transferred from Ukraine and are in Russia or areas occupied by Russian forces. We call for transparency and international access to these people.

We condemn the use of weapons in violation of international law and norms, including cluster munitions, and categorically reject all threats to use nuclear weapons, which would have devastating effects for humanity.

We welcome also the call for the High Commissioner to present an update on the situation in Ukraine to the upcoming 50th Regular Session of the Council.

The international community must continue to send a clear message to Russia: we are watching, and your actions have consequences.

Thank you Mr President


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