UN Security Council: Syria

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UN Security Council: Syria - Explanation of vote on draft resolution put forward by Russia. Delivered by Gerard van Bohemen, New Zealand Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Thank you Mr President.

New Zealand voted against the draft resolution submitted by the Russian Federation because of the partial and misleading nature of draft, because of Russia’s destructive role in the Syrian conflict, and because Russia provided no scope for any negotiation on a text on such a sensitive issue, an issue to which Russia is a direct party.

Action of this kind only serves to deepen the divides in the Council which are preventing  constructive action from being taken. As you earlier observed Mr President, New Zealand has been working on some ideas to try and bring this Council together on this most difficult issue. That we have not yet put our ideas forward has been our decision and our decision alone.  But I invite Russia and all Council members to work with us in the coming days to see if we can chart a course in a more positive direction.

Thank you.


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