United Nations General Assembly: Mountains Group statement on Persons living with a rare disease

Ministry Statements & Speeches:

Delivered by Ms. Emily Buist-Catherwood, First Secretary.

Thank you Chair.

I have the honour of speaking today on behalf of Australia, Canada, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, as well as my own country, New Zealand.

We would like to thank Spain, Brazil and Qatar for co-facilitating this resolution and drawing attention to the particular situation of individuals living with rare diseases. We welcome the focus in the text on highlighting the importance of implementing measures to address barriers faced by these persons.

We would have liked to see stronger language in this resolution to recognise the multiple and intersecting discrimination faced by persons living with rare diseases, including those with disabilities.

Under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, States Parties have an obligation to ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy all human rights on an equal basis to everyone else.

We believe that meaningful implementation of the Convention should be for all persons with disabilities to ensure a fully inclusive society. We would have liked to see additional language in this resolution consistent with the intent and spirit of the Convention.

It is our firm view that a human rights-based and gender-responsive approach is essential to addressing barriers to accessibility, and to ensuring full, effective and meaningful participation in all areas of life.

Thank you.


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