New Zealand will host APEC in 2021. APEC will bring decision-makers and leaders from across the Asia-Pacific to New Zealand and create significant opportunities for New Zealand to promote its economic interests with trading nations including China, the US and Japan.

The Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing economic region in the world and APEC is its leading economic forum. APEC 2021 will be the largest event ever hosted by the New Zealand Government and is an opportunity for New Zealand to shine on the international stage.

APEC involves a 12-month period of hosting from December 2020 to November 2021.

Leaders' Week in Auckland

APEC attracts up to 22,000 international attendees (leaders, ministers, senior officials, business leaders, media and youth) to 12 significant events held throughout the year, reaching a pinnacle with the APEC Leaders' Week.

Around 10,000 attendees are expected for Leaders’ Week alone.

The New Zealand Government has confirmed that APEC Leaders’ Week will be held in Auckland, 8-14 November 2021, with other meetings and events to be spread across other large cities. 

Auckland to host APEC 2012 Leader's Week (external link)

Procurement opportunities will be published on GETS (external link).

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