Putting Indigenous on the APEC agenda

In 2021, New Zealand successfully elevated Indigenous Peoples voices on the APEC agenda and connected Māori with APEC’s work.

Projects ranged from the interdependence between science and traditional knowledge, Indigenous food security, measurement of indigenous economies, indigenous women’s economic empowerment, and Indigenous economic recovery from COVID-19.

These efforts resulted in recognition of the economic potential of Indigenous Peoples in Ministerial statements and the APEC Leaders’ Declaration, as well as a commitment in the Aotearoa Plan of Action 2040 to cooperate on indigenous economic inclusion over the next 20 years.

Members of New Zealand's APEC 2021 Māori Success team, during a virtual meeting..
New Zealand successfully elevated Indigenous Peoples voices on the APEC agenda during our 2021 host year.

Worked in partnership with Te Rangitūkupu

A partnership with MFAT and eight prominent Māori entities, was formed to create Te Rangitūkupu to enable Māori to actively benefit and contribute to APEC 2021 in a meaningful, authentic and impactful way. 

Te Rangitūkupu convened over 30 meetings, worked collaboratively with officials to deliver a significant and complex work programme. This included digital diplomacy, trade negotiations, policy dialogues, rangatahi in the Voices of the Future and Māori involvement in the CEO Summit alongside a digital showcasing of Māori and Indigenous trade and economic activity and culture.

On the international stage, Te Rangitūkupu led dialogue with governments on the first ever Indigenous Peoples Economic and Trade Cooperation Arrangement. The IPECA, which is not part of APEC, is an open plurilateral instrument, committing economies and Indigenous Peoples to work together to strengthen the economic empowerment of indigenous Peoples. Te Rangitūkupu also facilitated a Dialogue on reigniting indigenous connections in the virtual world.

Showcasing our indigenous culture

Māori knowledge and talent was showcased throughout APEC’s hosting. Tikanga Māori adorned the opening of every SOM and Ministerial meeting with Māori leaders, producing virtual content to showcase Māori culture and business, Māori arts and music reflected in our gifting and hosting

APEC 2021 New Zealand Indigenous


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