MFAT’s Economic Division ensures New Zealand officials at home and overseas are well informed about economic matters, by providing high-quality research and data analysis about trade and international economic issues and how these affect New Zealand.

MFAT's economic division provides guidance on statistical analysis
MFAT's economic division provides guidance on statistical analysis

The work of the Economic Division supports and informs New Zealand's trade policy agenda, including informing New Zealand's free trade agreement negotiators and diplomatic missions overseas.

One function of the Economic Division is to provide guidance on statistical analyses related to New Zealand’s merchandise trade, services trade and investment flows. It can also offer assistance with preparing concise briefings on the New Zealand economy and global economic issues. The Division is MFAT’s main contact point for work with Statistics New Zealand on trade data.

Latest trade statistics

Recent research

  • Characteristics of New Zealand's Commercial Services Exporters [PDF, 908 KB] 
    An update on previous research examining the characteristics of New Zealand's commercial services exporters using Statistics New Zealand's 2011 ITSS Census. (July 2014)
  • New Zealand's Trade with Australia [PDF, 919 KB] 
    A comprehensive report on merchandise goods trade, trade in services, investment, and trade in value-added. (July 2013)
  • New Zealand Commercial Service Exporters [PDF, 675 KB] 
    Key findings from research on New Zealand commercial service exporters using Statistics New Zealand's prototype Longitudinal Business Database. (June 2010)
  • FTA Exporter Survey Report [PDF, 332 KB] 
    Findings from a joint MFAT-NZTE survey of NZ export companies, and their response to doing trade with NZ’s current and emerging FTA markets: Hong Kong, India, Korea, current TPP member states (Chile, Singapore, Brunei) and potential future TPP member states (USA, Peru, Vietnam, Australia). (December 2009)