2018 was the Ministry’s 75th anniversary. See some of the notable events that we have been involved in over the years that have helped shape New Zealand and the world.

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Bougainville - a risky assignment

In the 1990s, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea was in the grip of a devastating civil war. New Zealand combined diplomatic skill, opportunity, and luck to play a vital role in resolving the conflict and setting the region on a pathway to peace. Created as part of the Ministry’s 75th anniversary.

The road to Peking

Over the last 45 years, China has emerged as one of New Zealand’s most significant political, trade, and economic partners. This is the story of New Zealand's first steps towards diplomatic ties.

Te Māori

It took a decade of planning and negotiations to bring a major exhibition of tribal treasures to the United States for the first time. It was also a diplomatic first for New Zealand.

Videos: MFAT at 75

Watch videos of speakers from the MFAT 75th Anniversary Conference held on 18 October 2018 in Wellington.

Taking a nuclear-free policy to the world

Fighting for nuclear disarmament has been part of the day job for our diplomats for over thirty years. New Zealand's Ambassador for Disarmament, Dell Higgie, describes it as the issue that has "most dominated" our efforts at the United Nations - and that continues to this day.

75 - Our story

The story of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s diplomatic post expansion over 75 years is the story of New Zealand growing up in the world. This story focuses on particular posts to tell the story of the expansion of the Ministry’s offshore network, often drawing on the personal perspectives of those who were there.