Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities

Current status of the Convention

Date of Adoption

2 June 1988

Place of Adoption

Wellington, New Zealand

Requirements for Entry into Force

This instrument has been superseded by the Environmental Protocol to the Antarctic Treaty. Though it has been signed by 19 States it has been ratified by none. Entry into force of this instrument is not expected to occur.

Membership (States Eligible to become Party)

Open for signature (subject to ratification, acceptance or approval) until 25/11/1989 by States which participated in the final session of the Fourth Special Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting on Antarctic Mineral Resources

Open for accession after 25/11/1989 by any Contracting Party to the Antarctic Treaty


Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish

List of Participating States (as at 26/03/2007)

Signature Date

Ratification Date

New Zealand 25/11/1988  
Argentina 17/03/1989  
Brazil 25/11/1988  
Chile 17/03/1989  
China 28/06/1989  
Czechoslovakia 21/11/1989  
Denmark 24/02/1989  
Finland 25/11/1988  
German Democratic Republic 21/04/1989  
Japan 22/11/1989  
Norway 25/11/1988  
Poland 24/02/1989  
Sweden 25/11/1988  
South Africa 25/11/1988  
South Korea 25/11/1988  
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 25/11/1988  
United Kingdom 22/03/1989  
United States of America 30/11/1988  
Uruguay 25/11/1988  

For further information including the full text of the treaty, see the Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resources Activities.(external link)


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